"I think we're having fun - I think our customers really like our product. And we're always trying to do better ". 
Steve Jobs

The name Twilight Cider Works was inspired by my family's love of farming and maintaining orchards on Green Bluff, Washington. As young adults, my wife and I often found ourselves fleeing from our day jobs in the city to help our parents farm the orchards in the evenings and on weekends. Too often, the failing light between day and night was where our time was spent among the trees. Soon after, we decided to share with others the fruits of our labor, and Twilight Cider Works was born.

We blend our ciders from apples grown on our orchard and harvested from around the state of Washington. Twilight Cider is crafted from tree ripened apples which are then fermented all winter, and bottled in the spring. The result is a GLUTEN FREE artisan hard cider - a crisp alcoholic refreshment which can be enjoyed alone, or accompany any meal.

We invite you to join us on this adventure! Check out our "Find Us" link  where you can learn when and where to visit our tasting room, sample our ciders, or purchase our product at other retail outlets.

Our Story

Located in Mead, Washington on Green Bluff . . . . . .at the foothills of Mt. Spokane