New Traditions is a dry blend of five apples, with a notable apple and fruit bouquet. Crisp and refreshing, New Traditions pairs well with seafood, chicken, or pork. A most wonderful alternative to champagne - country apple style!

Columbia Crab ~  This unique single varietal off dry cider hints of light citrus flavors, and is balanced with just the right amount of sweetness to make it a real crowd-pleaser. Pairing well with any of your lighter fare, Columbia Crab makes for year round enjoyment!    

Inland Empire  ~ Well balanced with a sharper finish, this tribute to the empire apple is a wonderfully cooling beverage for spicier meals such as curry dishes, barbeque, or fish tacos.

Traditional ~ Our most recent addition to the Twilight family is a full bodied semi-dry cider which is reminiscent of a well balanced traditional cider made from apples similarly found in Europe.

First Harvest ~ Crafted with our first fruit of the season: cherries, from a 100 year old Royal Ann cherry tree. This cherry apple cider is a stand out refreshing drink for any occasion. (Sold out last season)

Seasonal ~ Seasonal peach, also know as "Summer in a Bottle". This cider is light and refreshing, nectar of the season. Seasonal Berry, a scrumptious blend of huckleberries and blueberries makes for a refreshing slightly sweeter style cider. Ask us about future seasonal ciders! (Sold out last season).

2015-2016 Hard Cider Varietals

For our 2016 season,we proudly offer the following  varietals for your enjoyment, in 750ml bottles at the tasting room, and 500ml bottles in stores.

Located in Mead, Washington on Green Bluff . . . . . .at the foothills of Mt. Spokane