Twilight Cider Works can be found at the following locations!


Solace Mead & Cider- 1198 W. Summit Parkway (Kendall Yards)

Fairwood Farmers Market - 319 Hastings Rd./ Spokane
Kendall Yards Night Market - 1335 W. Summit Parkway/ Spokane

‚ÄčThursday Market - 924 S. Perry St./ South Hill, Spokane
Becks Harvest House / 9919 Green Bluff Road / Colbert Wa (509) 238-6970

On Tap at: 

The BlackBird - 905 N. Washington St./ Spokane

Manito Tap House - 3011 S Grand BLVD./ Spokane

Orlison Brewing Co. - 1017 W 1st Ave./ Spokane

Big Barn Brewing - 16004 N Applewood Ln. / Mead (Green Bluff)

Find Us!

Twilight Cider Works

Green Bluff:

Currently open by appointment.

2017 Seasonal opening April 16 11:00 Open weekends for the rest of the season!

18102 N Day Mt Spokane Rd
Mead WA 99021

509.570.8748 (cell)

Tell us when you'd like to visit and we'll do our best to make it happen! Call or text us at 509.570.8748 or email us below. Make sure you let us know if there's a special occasion.

Located in Mead, Washington on Green Bluff . . . . . .at the foothills of Mt. Spokane